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Kieran Nowopolski joined Shire in late 2019 with no prior experience in sales. Kieran quickly cemented himself as a key player in the business, supporting the expansion of our Residential division. 4 years and 3 promotions later, Kieran is leading one of the most successful teams within the Shire group.

Kieran sat down with a Director to discuss his journey with Shire – here’s what he had to say…

You started with Shire as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant, with no previous sales experience. Describe your first year with us? 

Absolute rollercoaster! I remember making my first placement and thinking there is no way I can do this week in, week out. It felt like such hard work, like a fluke. My first year went quickly – mainly down to COVID hitting 6 months after I started in post. I remember my Director saying I’d have to work from home until things were clearer. I was 6 months into my career, with no previous experience and the expectations were high. At the time, I was one of three consultants, trying to support a start-up business as a Trainee Consultant. That said, I loved my first year and was proud of my contribution.

What do you feel was the biggest learning curve coming into the world of recruitment?

Client development, for sure. I feel most new consultants would say the same. In the earlier days, I was learning both recruitment and the residential industry but expecting clients to buy into me and Shire. Once my confidence grew, I was able to see the value I was adding to the industry and that felt good, it was definitely a driver and still is.

Did recruitment meet your expectations initially?

Yes and no! I knew it was going to be hard before accepting the role but the reality is always different. I suppose I didn’t have expectations initially and made the move into recruitment without thinking about it too much. It became clear quickly, that I would have to manage my expectations, workload, and job satisfaction. Looking back, I underestimated what was involved in a start-up.

What about now?

100%! I am fulfilled and I’m proud of what I’ve been able to achieve in only a short space of time. I feel I’ve developed personally, and professionally and am being rewarded for that. My experience with Shire has always been positive and the opportunity, earning potential and progression is there for the taking, for sure.

You have recently been promoted to Residential Team Leader, responsible for managing a team of consultants. How did the opportunity come around?

As I joined a start-up business, there was no opportunity initially but as the team grew, there was a clear need for a Team Leader. It was a career move I always wanted to make, and I made my interest known early on. As the team grew, I took every opportunity to show my directors I was the right person to step up when the time came. My manager has always challenged me and very rarely lets me stay in my comfort zone which helped expose me to many situations in preparation.

Why did you want to enter the world of sales management? What was the motivation?

 I enjoy the role of a recruitment consultant but as the team started to grow, I found enjoyment in mentoring and training the new consultants and as my experience and confidence grew, I felt more comfortable in a managerial position which was the motivation behind the goal.

All my promotions have felt very organic, nothing has felt forced and with each promotion, I’ve felt ready and capable. With management specifically, I’ve always enjoyed supporting people, regardless of job title. I get satisfaction from supporting others, so all roads led to management for me.

Before joining Shire, I worked in accounts, so I’ve always had an interest in numbers. My step into management allows me more exposure to the business and how it operates and I feel it fits my experience and personality well.

With this being your first management role, what preparation did you do to be able to fully submerge yourself in the role?

My role as a Senior Consultant helped massively. I was able to transition into the Team Leader role, taking on additional responsibilities slowly. It gave me time to learn and develop my skillset so I could be the best Team Leader possible.

I also listened and took on constructive feedback, remaining open to learning and development. I have a great support network around me and the company leads with honesty and transparency so feedback is always regular.

Within 4 years, you made your way from a Trainee Recruitment Consultant to a Team Leader. What has that journey been like for you?

Intense! It’s been hard work, but I’ve enjoyed seeing my hard work translate into success. I’ve enjoyed being part of a start-up and the opportunities that have presented themselves along the way.

Starting with a small company and growing alongside the business has been an incredible experience and I know there is still so much more to come.

During your career so far, what has been your biggest challenge?

A few come to mind, but I suppose the most obvious would be additional consultants joining the residential team. When I joined, I was recruiting nationwide, but my geographical patch has got smaller and smaller over the last 4 years. Oddly, the smaller my patch became, the better I did.

Although this was a challenge, it made room for others and gave me the option to progress.

What has been your biggest achievement?

Without a doubt, how well the residential team did during 2023. Not just the growth, the long-lasting connections we made with clients, the support we’ve offered hundreds of professionals with their job search and how we’ve evolved as a business and team.

Between 2019 and 2022, we worked hard to establish ourselves as an effective and valued recruitment agency within the residential field. It was nice to see the benefit of this during 2023.

For anyone wanting a fast-tracked route to management in a sales environment, what advise would you give them?

Selflessness, which is a strange word to use in a sales environment. Becoming a Senior, and now a Team Leader, I’ve had to put the development of others at the forefront of all I do. I would also say to research management roles within sales as the reality is very different, The pressure can be intense but equally as rewarding.

For anyone considering a career with Shire, what advice would you give them?

Commit, wholeheartedly. Be open to learning and development and take every opportunity available and although there will be many, don’t be scared to create your own. Shire are so supportive, Invest in them, and they will do the same in return.  

What your plan for the next few years?

Be the best I can be, whatever that looks like. Give the role my all and I’m confident the rest will follow.

Looking for a career in recruitment? Shire Healthcare is based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire and has ample opportunity for those with or without sales experience. Make contact and see how we can support.

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