When it comes to selecting a reputable home care provider, you have several options to consider. Fortunately, assistance is available and funding for home care can be accessed if applicable. If you find yourself unable to cover the costs independently, you may be eligible for support from your local council, the NHS, or other avenues.

Understanding Local Authority Funding for Home Care.

Local authorities offer funding for home care services, but the amount they provide varies depending on your individual circumstances. To begin the process, you’ll need to identify your local council and inform them of your situation. The council will then conduct a needs assessment to determine the level of care required for you or your loved one to maintain independence. This assessment is provided free of charge to anyone who requests it.

Following the needs assessment, if it’s determined that you require care either at home or in a residential facility, the council will conduct a means test. This assessment evaluates your financial capacity to contribute to the cost of care.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, the council may cover a portion or all of your care expenses. The specific level of funding provided will be determined by the council, with options ranging from full coverage, partial coverage with a co-payment from you, or self-funding. The table below outlines the contribution you’ll be expected to make towards care home fees based on your capital (savings and assets) as determined by the means test:

Your CapitalHow Much You Will Pay
Over £23,250You pay the full fees
Between £14,250 and £23,250The council will fund a portion of your care and you will pay for the rest of it
Below £14,250The council will pay for all of your care fees or for most of it

The means test is provided free of charge, so there’s no financial obligation involved in determining your eligibility for home care funding through your local council.

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We provide care and support to vulnerable people in their own accommodation within Hertfordshire. We offer each service user a bespoke, individual package of support, promoting person centred care and ensuring independence is maintained as best as possible. We are experts at providing a professional and consultative service, always paying attention to the detail which can often be overlooked. Our Homecare team understands the importance of accurate representation, so our philosophy and principles are shown in all we do. 

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